Integrative mental health
Integrative Mental Health
 looks through the twin lenses of conventional psychiatry and alternative medicine, wellness and illness, complex chemistry and simple human dynamics. 
      It helps practitioners uncover and treat the deeper causes of mental health issues instead of a masking a shallower subset of symptoms. These causes include hormonal irregularities, gut microbial issues, allergies, nutrient imbalances, toxic exposures, pathogens, inflammation, trauma, stress, unhelpful thinking patterns, and more. 

Effective non-drug options
     Integrative mental health gives you a remarkably diverse set of options that include, but go well beyond, medication.
     Although there is no "silver bullet" for mental health recovery, 27 broad non-drug options have been validated by thousands of scientific studies and affirmed by the experience of many who have reclaimed their lives.
     These approaches can help reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the need for psychiatric drugs - opening the door to sustainable wellness. 

Free monographs
Download free monographs on non-drug approaches for schizophrenia, bipolar, depression and anxiety

A good reason for hope 
     Integrative mental health offers great hope for mental health recovery. Not pipe dream hope, but real hope grounded in evidence-based medicine.
     Onward Mental Health aids recovery by providing integrative mental health insight. Through books, infographics, monographs, blogging, and speaking engagements we provide information to help people on their self-determined path to recovery.
Choices in Recovery
27 Non-drug Approaches for Adult Mental Health
"... a beacon in the often confusing and frustrating search for comprehensive mental health care ... This book will save lives ..."
   - Stephanie Heit, self-described psychiatric system survivor

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     - Bob Nassauer, National Alliance on Mental Illness educator and advocate

"... honest, intelligent, carefully researched... a nuanced guide with doable steps..."
   - Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD, Asst. Clinical Professor Psychiatry, New York Medical College

"... a valuable snapshot of the current evidence... very reader-friendly and clinically relevant..."
     - Jerome Sarris PhD, Head of the ARCADIA Mental Health Research Group

"... an informative tool for anyone looking to withdraw from or reduce their psychiatric medication..."
   - Krista MacKinnon, Managing Director at Families Healing Together

"..a cornucopia of evidence-based therapies ... for anyone with a mental disorder, their loved ones, and practitioners..."
    - Dan Stradford, President, Safe Harbor -

"... one of the best, concise resources I've ever come across... I am forever grateful... There is hope for healing in this book ..."
    - Loved-ones of people with mental health issues