Craig Wagner is an author, public speaker, researcher, and activist helping people achieve mental health recovery using evidence-based non-drug approaches.

     Within the mainstream, he works with major mental health organizations to broaden the acceptance of non-drug treatments. As a trainer, he has augmented and delivered courses for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and conducted workshops on NAMI’s behalf at public conferences. As a featured speaker, he has delivered full-day continuing education for the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. And as a communications specialist, he has summarized the latest non-drug research for the American Psychiatric Association's Caucus on Complementary and Integrative Medicine. 

     Outside the mainstream, he works to advance non-drug approaches at a grass-roots level. As a leader, he has been on the board of an Integrative Mental Health training organization (IMHU) and Executive Director of a leading alternative mental health web platform (Safe Harbor). As a speaker and consultant, he raises awareness for non-drug solutions, including helping the producers of CrazyWise craft their message for a feature-length documentary about the transformative potential of psychological crisis. As a support group leader, he has aided adolescent siblings of people with mental health diagnoses better cope. As an editor, he contributed to Codex Alternus, an expansive practitioner reference on alternative mental health research. And as a blogger for Mad in America, he is one of many voices helping to rethink psychiatry.

     His book, Choices in Recovery, has been called "an important contribution to psychiatric care" and "a book that will save lives." It is the first to present the full breath of evidence-based non-drug treatments in an easily understandable form for those with mental health issues and their loved ones. 

     Wagner brings a blend of evidence-based pragmatism, real-life experience, and well-grounded hope to the challenge of mental health recovery. His work is infused with a deep respect for those with mental health issues, their loved ones, and the mental health professionals who serve them.

     His extended family has witnessed mental health issues up close and personal. They have experienced the dramatic mood swings of bipolar, the disembodied voices and delusions of schizophrenia, the black dog of depression, the spiral of alcoholism, the gripping fear of phobias, and the last resort of suicide attempts. Wagner entered the field of Integrative Mental Health to help a loved-one in psychiatric crisis. He chose to remain there when he discovered the tremendous unrealized potential of scientifically validated non-drug approaches.

     Previously, he was a marketing communications executive in the high-tech industry and president of an environmental nonprofit. He has a BS and an MBA. He lives with his family on a small farm outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan.