Onward Mental Health provides integrative mental health insight.     

Through speaking engagements, research summaries, books, monographs, training, infographics, and one-on-one interaction, we articulate a map for mental health recovery and help people take their next best step forward. 

We focus on the unrealized potential of a wide variety of evidence-based non-drug therapies; the importance of self-determination and prudent experimentation as catalysts for recovery; and the common sense effort of identifying and addressing the root-causes and key influencers of mental health issues.

Choices in Recoveryour first book, is a significantly expanded presentation of the topics found in an earlier monograph, Beyond PsychotropicsChoices in Recovery will soon be available in eBook format.

Choices in Recovery is published by Onward Mental Health, an operating unit of Onward Ventures LLC, a Michigan corporation established in 2004. Craig Wagner is the President of Onward Ventures. Onward Ventures is not a 501(c)(3) organization but accepts contributions to defray costs of delivering mental health material to those in need.