Dicode Project - Dicode ONtology (DON)

In Dicode, an ontology (called Dicode Ontology and referred hereafter as DON) is implemented and used for some of the purposes listed above, namely:

  • Gaining an understanding of data intensive collaboration and decision making;
  • Enabling interoperability between different Dicode services, as well as interoperability between Dicode services and external services which facilitate data-intensive processes;
  • Facilitating the application and reuse of Dicode services in a given use case which requires data intensive collaboration and decision making;
  • Enhancing the functionality of specific Dicode services (e.g. social media mining or community modelling);
  • Providing a common vocabulary to facilitate collaboration between Dicode service developers.

The current version of DON is available here : 

The knowledge glossary for the current version of the DON is available here

Work under progress for extending DON is available here.