LILY - Ontology Alignment Results in OAEI2007


LILY is a system for solving the issues related to heterogeneous ontologies. One important function of LILY is to match heterogeneous ontologies. To accurately describe what the real meaning of an entity in the original ontology is, LILY extracts a semantic subgraph for each entity. Then it exploits both linguistic and structural information in semantic subgraphs to generate initial alignments. If necessary, using these initial results as input, a subsequent similarity propagation strategy could produce more alignments, which often can not be obtained by the previous process.

LILY is still being improved and enhanced, and the lasted version is V1.2.


 A demo version of LILY can be download here.

Notice: the demo version cannot deal with large scale ontologies. We will release a new version with UI interface in the near future.


Requirement:  Java JDK 1.5.0 or higher

  • 1. Unpack the zip file to a directory.
  • 2. Open the "config.ini" and config the parameters.
        The meanings of the parameters:
        SourceOnt: the source ontology file path
        TargetOnt: the target ontology file path
        RefAlignFile: the reference alignment file path if it exists
        Semantic_SubGraph_Size: a positive integer (>=1)
  • 3. Run LILY with "run.bat"

Alignment results






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