pre 2009 course conditions

This page will give up to date very general trail conditions on the course for those who wish to do training runs up to the date of the race & for those who want an idea of what the course will be like on race day.

updates to begin January 2009

race day 2-16-08!

updated friday evening 2-15-08


2-15-08:  Warm winds & the sun helped melt a good deal of snow this afternoon.  There's an inch or less left in most areas with more in shaded areas.  Just how cold it gets tonight will determine how  hard the snow will freeze back and how much ice will be encountered.  Streams are up with the snow melt today.  Temps are expected to get in the 40's with the sun out tomorrow so conditions will probably change thruout the day.

2-14-08:  conditions have changed little from yesterday with at least an inch or two of frozen hard snow in most places (never came close to the forecast high of near 50).  Looks like conditions will not change much by race morning (unless the forecast changes).

2-13-08:  wet snow covered trails have frozen hard.  Warmer daytime temperatures are expected the next few days but are unlikely to melt all the snow & ice.  A lot of moisture from almost 2 days of snow & rain will make for a wet course, if above freezing.

2-11-08:  earlier this morning the ground was frozen with some frost upheaving.  This night, snow is already several inches deep with sleet, rain or snow forecast for the next 36 hours.

2-8-08:  a little wet still, muddy in low areas only.  Streams are down enough now to get by without getting your feet wet by jumping & careful stepping.  Most trees have been removed. 

2-6-08:  wet, muddy, standing water in some areas.  Streams  are high.  2+ inches of rain in last 3 days.  Will remain wet & muddy in places for the rest of the week.  Numerous trees down from high winds.

2-3-08:  frozen ground has turned to mud in areas & will remain muddy as rain is in the forecast for Monday & Tuesday.

1-31-08:  ground still mostly frozen, icy upheaving in numerous areas up to several inches causing uneven footing & loss of traction in these "crunchy" areas.  Trees still down thruout the course, a large one on Red Trail is completely blocking the trail.  Streams are very low. 

1-30-08:  frozen ground, icy areas, trees down, many branches on trails.

1-29-08:  wet, 1/2" to 1" rain in area today, streams up.  Expecting strong winds tonight -- will probably be trees down on some trails.

1-28-08:  some surface mud on top of frozen ground with slick conditions in areas, no snow, streams very low.   Thawing temps & showers are expected in the next day -- the course will be muddy in areas, but no deep mud.

1-25-08:   frozen ground, clear w/crunchy snow in shaded areas, streams very low