2009 Course changes


15M & 50K:

1. The finish line will not be at the Horine Center (Lodge) this year as the Lodge is being used for a special Valentine's Day event held by the Jefferson Memorial Forest Management.   The new finish line location will be closer to the main parking area.




 1.  A different portion of the Purple Heart Trail will be used this year (1.45 miles).  A shorter portion (0.70 miles) was used last year only:

2.  A segment of the out & back portion of the Siltstone Trail at around mile points 18 & 27 has been taken off the steep & rooty ridge and re-routed along side of the hill.  Old course 0.75 miles.  New course 0.88 miles.  The old course took you down (outbound)  & then up (on the return trip) 200 feet each time in about a quarter mile.  The new course will take you down & then up 200 feet each time in about a half a mile.  Although the new course is slightly longer, the technical trail has been replaced with a much smoother trail & with a gradual descent/ascent that will probably be shorter timewise.

updated  2-11-09