2017 LLTH 50k

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Link to 2016 Garmin data:  https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1396874155   For elevation gain or loss for each mile, go to the SPLITS tab.   You can email a request for a copy of the .tcx file.

Brief Course Description:

The course consists of 4 sections each consisting of a loop and interconnecting trails.  Each section is run once only. 

Starting at the gravel parking area, the course follows the Red & Orange Trails that loop back to the Start area.  The 2nd section is a new trail in the Yost section of the Forest and includes a small loop.  The 3rd section includes a loop around Tom Wallace Lake and the Purple Heart Trail.  The 4th section is the Scott's Gap loop and an out'n'back on the Siltstone Trail.  The Finish is at the Horine/Conference Center across the meadow from the Start.

More Detailed:

Section 1  - Red & Orange Trails (5.7 miles includes 5.3 mile loop):

 From the parking lot, follow the gravel road (to the south) 0.6 mile & enter the Red Trail on the right.  In about 3 miles, the course turns left onto the Orange Trail.  The Orange Trail loops back into the gravel road that the race started on.  It's about 0.2 miles on the gravel road back to the Start area.

Section 2 - Yost (3.9 miles includes 1.4 mile loop):
                                         Loop only:

Leaving the Start area on a short segment of another gravel road (to the west) of the parking area, take the Blue Trail down the hill, across the dam and back up another hill to the wide Yost Ridge Trail that angles in sharply from the left.  Follow this wide trail keeping right at the next 3 way trail junction (you will return to this junction in a couple miles).  Go downhill & across the paved road (Holsclaw Hill Rd) & into the Yost section of the Forest.  About 1/2 mile into Yost, the loop section begins (keep straight thru here -- the loop is counterclockwise).  In about a 1 1/4 miles, the loop ends where it started.  Go uphill back to the 3 way trail junction passed earlier & turn right.

Section 3 - Purple Heart (3.8 miles includes 2.5 mile loop):

                                         Loop only:

Leaving the 3 way trail junction, follow the wide trail down to the back of the Welcome Center.  Go around the Welcome Center using the walkways to the paved road (Mitchell Hill Rd).  Cross the road to the Siltstone trailhead.  Follow the Siltstone Trail about 1/4 mile to the aid station located at the start/end of the Purple Heart loop.  Leaving the aid station for the 1st time and keeping to the left of Tom Wallace Lake, proceed about 1/4 mile (including some sidewalk & a paved park road) to the Purple Heart trailhead.  Going clockwise on the Purple Heart Trail, the trail loops back into the paved park road east of the 1st trailhead.  Cross the road & proceed across the dam & return to the aid station at the start/end of the loop.

Section 4 - Scott's Gap (19.0 miles includes 3.3 mile loop):

                                        Loop only:

Leaving the Purple Heart aid station for the 2nd time, keep RIGHT & go uphill on the Siltstone Trail.  The 15 milers will be keeping left at this junction & returning to the Start/Finish area.  Follow the Siltstone Trail for about 3 miles to the Bearcamp Rd aid station, crossing a paved road (Jefferson Hill Rd) along the way.  Continue on the Siltstone Trail for about 3 1/2 more miles to the Scott's Gap aid station. After a short distance on the Scott's Gap Trail, bear to the right and follow the trail counterclockwise around the 3 mile loop.  After returning to the aid station, head to the Finish returning on same trails on which you arrived (Siltstone Trail to Welcome Ctr to Yost Ridge Trail to Blue Trail to Finish), except the previous loops (Purple Heart & Yost) will be bypassed.  The Finish is at the Horine/Conference Center across the meadow from the Start.

Other notes:

There are several wood foot bridges on the course that become very slick after an early morning frost or when wet/frozen.

Mileage shown is according to GPS data from a Garmin 310 and is approximate.

This is not a closed course -- watch for traffic.

last update 10-13-16