2017 FAQ

1.  When & where is Packet Pickup ?

Race packets will be available at Ken Combs Running Store at 4137 Shelbyville Road on Friday, February 3,  2017, 12 noon to 6:00 pm EST and at the Horine Center on race morning from 6:30 to 7:30 am.   (Revised: packet pickup will also be available at the free Quest Outdoors pre-race pasta dinner at 4600 Shelbyville Rd just down the road from Ken Combs after 6 pm. -- At some time between 5 & 6 pm the packets will be moved from one location to the other) .  You can also register at the store or on race morning at the Horine Center (Start/Finish area).

Horine Center:

Start/Finish/Parking area:

2.  Will my feet get wet ?

There are several small streams.  Most of the time the streams are dried up or frozen this time of year.  If water is flowing, you can usually jump over them or carefully pick your steps across.  If we have rain race day, or have heavy rain the day before (like in 2010), streams will be up & your feet will get wet.

3.  Will there be any drop bag stations ?

50k & 15m:

There will an official drop bag area at the start where you will pass after the first leg --- or you can just stop by your car for your items in the parking area.

50k only:

The 50k will have an additional drop bag area at the Scott's Gap aid station (mile 19.7/mile 23).   You can leave a drop bag for Scott's Gap at the Horine Center on race morning.  You will pass thru the Scott's Gap aid station twice.  After the 2nd time, be sure to leave your bag in the RETURN area.  Bags will be returned to the START/FINISH area (Horine Center) as time & volunteers permit.

4.  Where are the toilet facilities ?

Pit toilets (literally holes in the ground w/seats) are located at the start/finish and in the camping area about 1/4 mile into the race.

Port-o-cans will be located at the following locations:  the start/finish,  1/4 & 1/3 mile into the race at the campsites, on the Purple Heart loop (mile 11.2) and at the Scott's Gap aid station (mile 19.7/mile 23). 

Indoor facilities can be found at the Horine Center at the start/finish area and on Mitchell Hill Road at the Welcome Center (mile 10.6/13.5 on the 15m course & mile 10.6/29.6 on the 50k course).

NOTE:  The course passes within 20 feet of the Welcome Center front entrance.  If you should need to use the restroom facilities, please be considerate if your shoes are very muddy!

Welcome Center  (back entrance):

5.  How many aid stations are there ?

There are three (3) for the 15m:

mile  5.7  - Start Area at the end of the 1st leg  -- drop bags
10.8 - At the start of the Purple Heart loop
mile  13.3  -  At the end of the Purple Heart loop

There are eight (8) for the 50k: 

mile  5.7  - Start Area at the end of the 1st leg -- drop bags
mile  10.8 - At the start of the Purple Heart loop
mile  13.3  -  At the end of the Purple Heart loop
mile  16    - Bearcamp Road aid station outbound on the Siltstone Trail
mile  19.7 - Scott's Gap aid station at the end of the Siltstone Trail -- drop bags
mile  23   - Scott's Gap aid station at the end of the Scott's Gap loop -- drop bags
mile  26.7 -
Bearcamp Road aid station inbound on the Siltstone Trail
mile  29.4 -
At the Purple Heart junction

6.  Is there a cutoff time & is there an "early start" offered ?

There will be a cutoff at 3 pm (7 hours) or whenever the RD decides -- at the end of the Scott's Gap loop (mile 23) in the 50k.   If you're very close to the cutoff, chances are you will not finish the course before it gets difficult to see the trail.  The sun sets at 6:08 pm.  The course officially closes at 6 pm (10 hours).

Consideration for a 7 am start will be given to those runners who believe they may not finish before it gets dark -- contact Cynthia Heady, RD at cynthia@headfirstperformance.com

February 4, 2017

                                                Rise                             Set

Actual Time                       7:45 AM EST          6:08 PM EST

Civil Twilight                     7:17 AM EST          6:36 PM EST

Nautical Twilight              6:46 AM EST         7:07 PM EST

Astronomical Twilight     6:15 AM EST          7:38 PM EST

Average High:  48 degrees        Record High:  73 degrees

Average Low:   28 degrees         Record Low:    -7 degrees

7.  Will I need a light ?

If you take the early start at 7 am, you may need a light for the 1st mile or two.

8.  Are there any training runs ?

Two training runs have been scheduled.  These are generally for those wishing to become familiar with the course or to try out the trails.  You do not have to be registered to attend.    

Saturday Jan 14 - meet in Horine at the scheduled location for the beginning of the race at 8 am EST.  Run will be over the 15 mile course.  You can also join in after the 1st 6 mile loop is completed (9:15 am to 9:30 am+/-) or at any time or place.  No permit is required to enter the Horine section of Jefferson Memorial Forest for this event.

Sunday Jan 15 - meet at the Welcome Center on Mitchell Hill Road at 8 a.m. EST.  Run will be out on the Siltstone Trail (6.7 miles), Scott's Gap loop (3.25 miles) and back in on the Siltstone Trail (6.7 miles).  You can turn back & retrace your steps to the Welcome Center at any time or you can skip the Scott's Gap loop.

Training runs will be rain or shine.

If you decide to run on the course prior to race day, all trail sections are officially open from 8 a.m. to dusk EXCEPT the Horine Section (start/finish area).  Be sure to register for a permit at the Welcome Center before entering the Horine Section of the Jefferson Memorial Forest.  No permit is required to enter on an official training run date and  NO PERMIT IS REQUIRED TO ENTER ON RACE DAY !

9.  Are  pacers allowed?

Not at this time

10.  How do I find out additional information ?

Current info & race changes will be posted on this blog as the facts become available.  Post your question (as a comment) to the last post in the blog or you can email me directly at edibo@insightbb.com.  You can also email Headfirst Performance at cynthia@headfirstperformance.com or todd@headfirstperformance.com.