2013 LLTH 15m

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For .tcx, .gpx or Google Earth (.kml) files of the course, send your request to:  edibo@insightbb.com.  The course has also been uploaded to Garmin Connect at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/257859314.


The course consists of  two (2) "lollipops" (out and backs with a loop at the end) and an out and back off the 2nd lollipop.   The 1st leg begins and ends at the Start area.  The 2nd leg begins at the Start area & proceeds to the Yost loop and returns.  At about milepoint 12.4, the course turns right onto an out and back section that proceeds to the rear of the Welcome Center and returns.  After finishing the out and back, the lollipop returns to the Start area but turns left at the last minute towards the Finish at the Horine Center.

The following is a walk thru & a brief description of the trails & course for those who would like the details.  The course will be well marked with flagging & signs.

1st Leg
(5.7 miles):

Gravel Road (0.6 miles) - The race starts on this road as it 1st parallels & then enters the Red Trail after 0.6 miles

Red Trail (3.6 miles) - Red circle blazed.  Single track dirt along with some double track forest road.  Some low areas on the dirt road hold water in wet weather.  Has 1 small stream that you will cross twice & most of the time it's low enough to get by without getting your feet wet. 

Orange Trail (1.3 miles) - Orange circle blazed.  Single track dirt 1st half, double track dirt 2nd half.  Has one stream crossing.

Gravel Road (0.2 miles) - After exiting the Orange Trail, turn right onto the gravel road & return to the Start area.

2nd Leg (8.0 miles) + Out and back (1.6 miles)

Yost    new course in yellow -- old course in red:

Blue Trail  (1.0 mile) -  From the end of the 1st leg, turn left onto another gravel road for a very short segment to the Blue Trail.  Follow the single track trail downhill, across the dam and back up another hill to the new Yost Ridge Trail that angles in sharply from the left.

Yost Ridge Trail (1.4 mile) - (new double track trail) Turning left off the Blue Trail, continue about a quarter mile.  At the next junction keep right and continue downhill to Holsclaw Hill Road.  Watch for traffic & cross the road onto a new "connector" trail in the Yost section of the Forest.

New Yost Trails (0.25 mile) - Continue on the new connector trail approx 1/4 mile and turn right onto an "unimproved" section of trail.  Continue on this section until teeing into the Yellow Trail.  New Yost Trails consist of 8 footwide main trails and 4 foot wide connector trails.

Yellow Trail (1.35 miles) - Yellow rectangle blazed.  Bear to the right and follow the Yellow trail until intersecting the 2nd new wide trail and then turn left.  The Yellow Trail is the last of the old course in the Yost section.  It is a narrow dirt trail that has one rock face crossing.

New Yost Trails (2.3 miles) - Continue on the main wide trail to the Yost aid station at milepoint 10.7 and then follow the new trails to the Yost Ridge Trail after crossing Holsclaw Hill Road.

Yost Ridge Trail (2.3 miles) - Go up the hill to the Welcome Center Trail intersection.  Turn right here for an out and back (0.8 + 0.8 miles) to the rear of the Welcome Center.  After returning from the out and back, turn right & proceed approx 0.25 mile to the Blue Trail intersection that cuts in sharply from the right.

Blue Trail  (1.0 mile) -  Turning right, go around the small lake, across the dam & up the hill . Just prior to reaching the Start area at the top of the hill, turn sharply left onto the gravel road and finish at the Horine Center (Lodge).

Other notes:

There are several wood foot bridges on the course that become very slick after an early morning frost or when wet/frozen.

Mileage shown is according to GPS data from a Garmin 310 and is approximate.

This is not a closed course -- watch for traffic.

last update 1-17-13