2010 LLTH 15m course description/maps

15m course:

1st Leg
(5.5 miles):

Gravel Road (0.6 miles)- The race starts on this road as it 1st parallels & then enters the Red Trail after 0.6 miles

Red Trail (3.4 miles)–  Single track dirt along with some double track forest road.  Some low areas on the dirt road hold water in wet weather.  Has 1 small stream that you will cross twice & most of the time it's low enough to get by without getting your feet wet. 

Orange Trail (1.3 miles)- Single track dirt 1st half, double track dirt 2nd half.  Has one stream crossing.

Gravel Road (0.2 miles)- After exiting the Orange Trail, turn right onto the gravel road & return to the Start area.

2nd Leg (7.5 miles):

Paved Road (1.0 + 1.0 miles) - Leaving the 1st aid station (Start area) in the gravel parking lot, the course follows the unmarked paved road out of the park & joins the main highway (Holsclaw Hill Rd) after approx. 0.5 miles.  After bearing to the right, the course continues for approx. 0.5 miles on the main highway. The course enters the Yellow Trail on the left. 

Yellow Trail (5.5 miles) – About 50 yards from the main road on the trail, the course comes to a 4 way intersection.  Turn right & proceed counter-clockwise around the Yellow Trail loop to the same intersection.  Turn right, returning to the main highway, then turn right again & follow the paved roads back to the aid station/start area.

The Yellow Trail is single track dirt w/1 rock face.  Has multiple small stream crossings & will be the muddiest trail by far in wet weather.  The streams are normally low enough to get by easily.  Horses are permitted on most of this trail.  In icy weather, the rock face that’s encountered on the trail can be bypassed by finding the small foot path above it.  There are some very narrow sections of trail along the steep side of one hill where the footing will be tricky in wet conditions.

3rd Leg 15m (1.6 miles):


Blue Trail (1.6 miles)–   Single track dirt trail.  Cross the dam at the bottom of the hill and turn right at the 50k / 15 mile split.   Head around the small lake & up the hill to the finish at the Horine Center (Lodge) .

Other notes:

There are several wood foot bridges on the course that become very slick after an early morning frost or when wet/frozen.

Mileage shown is according to GPS and is approximate due to the spotty reception in the hilly areas.

This is not a closed course - watch for traffic.

updated 1-10-10