APRIL 2007 Newsletter for the Cherokee Road Runners

The 4th running of the Louisville’s Lovin’ The Hills 50K brought over 100 runners to the woods of the Jefferson

Memorial Forest. The race is also designed to bring in some beginners who do part of the course in an official 15

miler, and so 200 spirited adventurers set out early to spend a little time in the hills of Kentucky.

The course consists of a 5 mile loop, a 7 mile loop, and an 18 mile out and back which brings the runners up around a lovely little lake to the finish. All of the different loops include little bits of “love” that some callmountains, some call climbs, and some call ladders, depending on where they usually train. We have heard that there are 17 of these lovely contours, and we advertise this, but no one knows for sure if this number is correct. We do know they are spaced out nicely and provide for beautiful vistas when the person being loved gets to the top.

Returning to the race he designed, began, and won in 2006 was Eric Grossman, who led the entire day and surely smiled as he remembered the many days of training he put in here during his years in Louisville. He probably thinks our hills are small now, coming in from Virginia. Russ Goodman, returning from nearby Indiana was 2nd , and Tim Barnes, returning from New York took almost an hour off of his time to place 3rd!

Cynthia Heady, who also trains frequently on these trails and loves this forest, claimed first place among women this year and 8th place overall. She was followed closely by Melissa Beaver, last year’s winner, who came in less than 2 minutes later. Both women ran this course in less than 6 hours with half of the time spent battling snow and ice. They spent another hour or two in the warm conference center talking about lentil soup.

Ninety-one runners finished the 50K this year in icy conditions over the last part of the course. We received nothing but love from our finishers as they warmed themselves, ate a bit, wrapped themselves in their new red blankets, and staggered to their cars. A few mentioned that St. Patrick and the Easter bunny can also show love, asking us for the challenge of the Jefferson Forest in March or April. Hmmmm……we will have to get back with everyone on that one. Some research needs to be done on copperhead lovin to see if there might be a free weekend between Valentine’s day and the spring hatchin’ season.

submitted by Brenda Gutmann, Co-Race Director