Self-Healing, Holistic Health ~ Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions     
The Gardens at SIUE Campus

Three Movement Art Forms ~ Martial Arts, Dance Arts, Healing Arts 
                    Studio Gaia, Edwardsville  
                                                                                                                                           Prima Dance & Tumbling, Edwardsville                                                                                                                                                                                  
 Scientifically-based Movements for Cross-Training ~ "The Body's Way"                                          
                                                           NiaKidz class @ Glen Carbon Centennial Library  
                                              Improving fine & gross motor skills while joyfully engaging in martial arts, dance arts & healing arts

                                                          Nia Kidz Summer Camp @ Prima Dance & Tumbling 
                                                          Freedom of self-expression through fun, holistic movement 

      NiaTotz & NiaKidz Community & Private Group Classes ~

                                                                                                        Circle of Moms                                                                                                                                Happy Up Inc.
Barefoot movements improve balance, stability, & coordination              Parent/child bonding through purposeful movement & inspiring music!
                              Troy United Methodist Church                                                                                   St. Boniface Catholic Church  
Health & Wellness Events,  "Celebrating More Birthdays" Cancer Survivors                Girl Scout Troop Wellness/Positive Image Events 

                                                                                                                YMCA Trout Lodge & Camp Lakewood, Potosi, MO
                                                                                                        Women's Wellness Weekend
         YMCA Trout Lodge & Camp Lakewood, Potosi, MO
                            Women's Wellness Weekend 

All Ages, Body-Types, Fitness Levels, 
Physical Abilities ~ 
Welcome All!
                                  "Love My Body ~ Love My Life!"
                                        Based on the work of Nia® co-founders Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas

~ Meet partners 'On The Move' ~

Liz Lane 

Nia® Instructor

 While experiencing my first Nia® class tears rolled down my cheek.  My emotions were stirring, my spirit was soaring, and pure bliss had been ignited from joyful movement!  After almost twenty years, I had finally found what I had been searching for.  As a dancer and artist, I had placed my needs and desires for self-fulfilling movement aside to pursue other avenues.  After nine rewarding years of teaching at the elementary school level, and nine fulfilling years of working in the home raising our family, I had rediscovered myself and reconnected to my body spiritually, emotionally, and physically through the Nia® practice.  I was immediately hooked!  It was truly a magical experience for me and continues to be one. 

While reveling in the beauty of Nia’s many holistic benefits as a student, I decided to turn that passion towards teaching Nia® and earned my White Belt Certification.  Practicing, sharing, and promoting the Joy of Nia® is the path I find most pleasurable.  With my years of experience as a classroom teacher and background in dance, I relish the opportunities to share my joy of teaching and love of expressive movement through my Nia® classes. 

During the fast-paced schedule of our daily family life, the gift of Nia® has helped me maintain balance within my self, marriage, family, and community.  To have found exactly what I needed and had been craving for so long is such a personal relief.  The fire in me has been relit thanks to the beautiful & ongoing benefits of Nia® that continue to inspire me as well as those I have the pleasure of sharing it with.  

Carleen Weber 

Nia® Instructor

Always on the move, I’ve been an avid runner, yogi, weight lifter, Zumba gal, biker, boot camper,  you name it.  I’ve liked and disliked my workouts, usually enjoying my playlist most. My upper body was strong and my lower body was in shape but never quite ‘whole’.  My feet were confined in expensive footwear, and I was usually nursing a pulled or strained ______.  You fill in the blank.  Perhaps you’ve been there?

In January 2006, I walked into a strange venue not knowing a soul and had no idea what to expect. What I did know is that I was SO ready for a different style of workout that would show results, nurture the holistic me and MOST IMPORTANT it had to be FUN!!!  I found Nia and immediately felt the ‘click’.  Everything I love and believe in that will stimulate me and my entire life focus in one beautiful art form ~ Nia.

Nia encourages me to play with and move my body in accordance with its design and function “The Body’s Way”.  Consistent practice had me noticing my core was strong and curvy and inches were falling off.  Was I beginning to see a ‘dancer’s body’?  Yes!  It’s me!  Throw in grace, strength, energy, and a sense of calm all working together to improve my balance, reflexes, stamina and most important....... a love for myself and my body!

Six years later, I obtained my White and Green Belts in Nia® Instruction. My former experience in management as well as my Clinical Social Work License has allowed me to inspire others as facilitator, educator, and counselor.  True to the social work philosophy, I believe one part of the system affects the whole. With Nia, I reap holistic benefits. nurturing my body, mind, spirit and emotions.
I love to connect with people. My friends are an eclectic group and you might describe my home decor and taste in music the same way.  My hobbies and experiences are vast and colorful.  I believe in working hard and playing hard, and what you give you get back two-fold. I’ve been married for 19 years to a great guy who supports and puts up with my adventures and me.  My twin ten-year-olds keep me young, busy, and honest.

I want to invite you to step into a new sensation.  Leave your inhibitions and expectations behind, and join me for Niaand notice the difference!  It’s time…

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