As a (30 year old) man I've never been good at expressing my emotions, which was something I now realise I needed to do. I think I was hiding from myself and others and looking for distractions all the time. It hasn’t been easy but I feel like things are improving as I become more aware of myself in relation to other people and what to do when my buttons get pushed. 

It wasn’t what I thought it would be like … the sessions were really helpful and made things clear for me. I think Its all going to be ok and I think I’m going to get through this eventuallyLuke (32)

I was feeling what I would describe as forlorn and lost. I was worried about my drinking. Bit by bit, Chris helped me express my thoughts, get some perspective, prioritise and ultimately make some big decisions about my future, which I would not have been able to do alone. I’m really glad I went and happy to recommend. James (39)

When I first arrived I was all over the place and was grateful to be seen within 2 hours of calling. Chris accepted me for who I am and helped me to overcome some heavy anxiety. I always felt relaxed even when talking about some raw issues and I now understand the significance of particular aspects of my childhood. Jo (32)

I thought it was going to be far more different from what it was…like having to answer personal questions. I had CBT in the past but this has been much more helpful, really easy going and I was able to talk about stuff I’ve never discussed before. Some weeks he set me a task which was really helpful and I always felt he had been thinking about what I had said, even between sessions. Guy (55)

At first I talked loads and he listened. Then we did some work on my inner child  and dealing with stress situations. It made sense. I really feel I have gained control of my self when I need to. I only went a few times and it was just what I needed at a bad time. I was able to sort my head out and I go back for a monthly ‘top-up’. Stephen.

I wanted to see a male counsellor at the time and Chris surprised me with his warm manner. Greg

I was really embarrassed about how pathetic I felt. I ended feeling that My thinking had gone wrong somewhere and I was making my wife's life a misery. I actually took control of my life and things are so much better. Tom (60)

It took along time for me to properly open up..I'm not used to talking about personal stuff with other people but I did in the end and Im glad I did. Now I feel my life is so much clearer like in HD. Jim (45)

I found adopting mindfulness principles: acceptance compassion and letting it go, a powerful revelation. Tina (45)

I felt totally lost and empty after my masters...really bad. Talking helped me to challenge some aspects of my life and stuff started to happen for me. Rav 26

I have never talked about me and my feelings before to anyone.... and now I do which has helped me with all my relationships. Craig 28