Before fully qualifying as a therapeutic counsellor, I spent many years as a personal development teacher/mentor, supporting young people whose social and educational progress was obstructed by their emotional backstory. Working alongside psychologists and therapists, I gained valuable insight  into how our lives can be affected by early childhood experience, culture and environment as well as other significant factors. Now, through paying detailed attention to these experiences, I believe it is possible to develop deeper self awareness and a sense of what makes us tick. We are then in a position to start making the key changes that will allow us to feel more positive about our selves and our possibilities in the future.
Another key insight came from the awareness that these young people frequently found it hard to trust and engage with the professionals who were trying to help. They often reported feeling misunderstood and like numbers in the system. However, the support workers who showed humanity, warmth and genuine interest, were able to form authentic relationships, and had greater therapeutic impact. It is clear that communicating in a straight forward ‘on the level’ way is far more likely to lead to a positive outcome. Today it widely accepted that therapeutic success is mostly linked  to the quality of the client/counsellor relationship. At On The Level Counselling you will feel able to talk about anything in a relaxed but focused way, enabling you to tune in to your own life and find the best way forward.  

Finally, I strongly believe that, when experiencing difficult times, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel and that you will learn something positive about your essential character, personal resources and your ability to bounce back. No experience is ever wasted if it is examined in the right way.  Counselling and the power of talk is there and beneficial to everyone whatever the nature of their difficulty.