Welcome to OTL counselling in SE London. This informal, welcoming service is here for anyone who feels they need to talk about something troubling but who is maybe anxious about taking the first step. Enquires are particularly welcome from those who are maybe apprehensive about what counselling might be like. For some people the very idea of talking about themselves and their feelings is genuinely scary and uncomfortable. I can assure you, this will never be the case here. All previous clients have felt profoundly heard by a counsellor who  truly ‘gets’, accepts and understands them. In our sessions the talk can be frank and serious in nature, but will always relaxed and without judgement. In this comfortable environment, hard to express, thoughts and feelings can be shared and explored, allowing the process of change and healing to begin. I invite anyone who is interested to come to an initial session where they can meet me, ask any questions and then decide, without obligation, if they would like to continue.

Clients, and increasingly men, come to OTL for a variety of reasons. Some are looking to gain understanding of, and relief from long standing anxiety, worries or stresses. Others are searching for solutions or clarity regarding conflicts or damaged relationships. They may wish to understand themselves better with increased feelings of self worth and purpose. Whatever the experience, talking it through definitely helps. 

To be more specific OTL can help and relieve problems relating to the following:

* Anxiety and fluctuating mood
* Family and relationships
* Feelings of anger and frustration
* Self esteem and identity
* The ageing process
* Young people's issues
* Addictive, destructive behaviour 
* Bereavement loss and trauma.