On The Floor

Welcome to 'On The Floor' - a community web site for students and friends of Stepping It Out and the Wirral Dance Club.
At 'On The Floor', you can check out the latest event photos and comments, news and student awards, as well as view some of my favourite videos and lots more!  Please be patient, I have loads of pictures for the Event Reviews and Archive Gallery, which will all be uploaded in time!

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If you have photos you would like see uploaded, please send them to me and tell me where you think they should go on the site and I'll put them up for you if they are suitable.

Talking of which, you can see here our 'Postcard' designed to amuse and in some cases inform!  If anyone comes across one they like, please email steppingitout@gmail.com and let me know!  I'll include it in the near future!

I was hoping that you could put up your own posts at appropriate places across the site, but unfortunately that would leave the whole site open to the public, so, if you have any comments to make about an event or anything else, then feel free to email it to me at steppingitout@gmail.com with the name of the web page as the subject heading and I will post it for you.  Facebook users can post immediately on our Facebook page - just click on the link in the side bar! Also, let me know if there's anything else you think would be good to put on screen.

For class times, coming events and more, please go to our main website.
Have fun 'On The Floor'!