Welcome to Ontario RAD Families: A support and respite networking site

"You cannot rationalize irrational behaviour"
-Heather and Judy
Who Are We?
We are the parents of a 7 year old child and have been actively addressing his Reactive Attachment Disorder and co-morbid conditions with him for the past three and a half years.  Our child has the added bonus of having TWO moms.  This makes things interesting of course because children with Attachment Disorders most often have their worst moments with their primary caregivers, usually, "Mom".  Our son has two.  Maybe this is a good thing; you know - toss things up a little so he has to choose which one of us is the "Mom" he dislikes the most in the current moment.
Why Have We Created Our Own Website When There Are So Many Devoted to R.A.D.?
First, we have created the site and forum because there are no Ontario-based or even Canadian based web pages devoted exclusively to Reactive Attachment Disorder on the Net. 
Secondly, we have created our site with the goal of creating an Ontario and/or Canadian-based support network of parents, grandparents and respite providers that can be used locally.  Anyone who, at least in Ontario, has searched for someone to provide family-friendly respite knows that it cannot be found.  We have had to drive our son 12 hours one-way to stay with a family with their own Attachment Disordered child, in order to obtain some respite rather than disrupt.
We need local respite in our Province.  If enough of us get together, we can make this happen by networking with each other.  Perhaps someone has found and trained an excellent respite provider, perhaps a family is willing to "swap" Attachment Disordered children for awhile.
Where Can I Find Out More?
We don't want to duplicate information that already exists on a number of very fine sites.  Please look at the Navigation Bar under "LINKS to Resources about Attachment Disorders"  in order to learn more.
 Is There Help Available For Me in Ontario, Canada? 
 The answer is, "Not a whole lot."  Hence this support and discussion group.  It's time to get together to change some things and educate others on the mental illness(es) our child(ren) has/have.
Can I Join If I Am Not From Ontario?
 Yes, Canadians and Ontarions however, are specifically encouraged to join as that is the point of the site and support group.
 I've Come To Your Page.  Now What?  How Do I Seek Support Or Offer It?
Use the Navigation bar on the left to click on the "Forum" to discuss. leave a message or click on "Meetings" to participate.
Why Isn't Your Site Full Of Fancy Graphics?
Ha ha!  Trick question!  We are still raising and unschooling/homeschooling an Attachment Disordered son with a multitude of other mental health issues.  We don't have all day to work on the site. :o)
 From "Get Fuzzy" by Darby Conley
 Site Created December 21st, 2008
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