Ontario Iris Society

The Ontario Iris Society (ONIS) is a non-profit organization with affiliate status in the American Iris Society (AIS).
Membership is open to all persons interested in irises regardless of skill or experience.

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ONIS events for 2015 have been posted.

ONIS has a new
Youth webpage.
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Miniature Dwarf Iris Picture Project.

Show Schedule
for our June 7
Flower Show

.The first harbingers of spring are the Miniature Dwarf Bearded (MDB) iris.
Growing up to 8" tall, these little irises perform great in Ontario.
If you grow MDBs and like to take photographs,
check out the Miniature Dwarf Iris Picture Project
and get your cameras ready!


                       MDB 'Applet' (Smith, 2006)         MDB 'Pokeman' ( Sutton, 2003)    MDB 'Trimmed Velvet' (Spoon, 2006)

Someone in your family under 19 and interested in irises?
Watch this website for activities for youth.
Otherwise, check out the AIS Youth website.

ONIS is an affiliate of
AIS Region 2.

Share your interest with fellow AIS members
in New York state, Ontario and Quebec.


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