"Wenn Schon, Denn Schon"

The German parachute troops of the Second World War established for themselves a remarkable reputation for resourcefulness, courage, and hard fighting against fearful odds. In an age of total war and extremism, they also distinguished themselves by their humanity and chivalry. 5./FJR 5 is our small tribute to them. We are reenactors keeping alive the memory of the most pivotal moments of the 20th Century. We participate in both tactical battle and living history events. 5. Kompanie strives to uphold the highest standards of authenticity, to do credit to the men whose uniforms and traditions we borrow.

"Our mission is to portray the German airborne troops of the Second World War with authenticity, safety, and integrity"

Recent Activity


9 Feb 2017: There is a new unit manual in production. This manual will be carried on your impression at all times. It contains all of the basic requirements to operate as a gruppe and includes topics such as; drill, open order formations, hand signals, and much more. 

14 Jan 2017: Sadly, we say goodbye for now, to our old friend, Gefreiter Karsten Heidt. He has been a pillar of knowledge for this unit from the very start. We wish him the very best on his new journey. *Please be advised, Gefreiter Stefan Meiners has taken over as  Gruppenführer for FJR5.

21 Sept 2016: Congratulations goes to Jager Zinger for achieving the rank of Gefreiter! Also, Congratulations to Gefreiter Meiners for achieving the Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge (Erdkampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe). Well done!

29 April 2016: Welcome another new Recruit, Jg. Lang.

11 Juli 2015: Today we were pleased to welcome Jg. Zinger to 5. Kompanie as an associate member, having easily passed his probationary period.

21 September 2014: Congratulations to Stefan Meiners for his promotion to Gefreiter, and to Jg. Fleischer on reaching full member status after completing his basic kit to the required standard and being an excellent comrade in the Kompanie.

18 September 2014: Welcome to Jg. Zinger, a new recruit.

5 September 2014: New article added to the Research page: Rank distribution in an FJ rifle company

31 Mai 2014: Jg. Fleischer joins the Kompanie as an associate member after completing the required three probationary events with distinction.

*We are actively recruiting in Ontario, Canada. Anyone interested in recreating the experience of elite troops during a vital period of history is welcome to contact us via our recruiting/contact page:


*5. Kompanie/Fallschirm-Jäger-Regiment 5 does not endorse in any way the National Socialist regime or any other radical ideology. It must be stressed that FJR 5 is a totally non-political organization, dedicated only to historical reenactment, and will not accept anyone who espouses extremist views.