The ONTARIO CRAFT DISTILLERS ASSOCIATION (OCDA) L'ASSOCIATION DES DISTILLATEURS ARTISANAUX DE L'ONTARIO is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the success of the Province of Ontario's Craft Distilleries. Join us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE+ and our BLOG. We're Helping Raise Ontario's Spirits ~ For information on the OCDA please contact

-Link to Bill 70, "Budget Measures Act", see Schedule 1.
-Link to Tax Breakdown: Distiller sells bottle for $10.92, Ontario taxes $11.14.
-British Columbia has a pro-small distillery, pro-growth tax policy, check it out here (warning: PDF, 6.6MB).
-2016-11-23: MPP Catherine Fife (NDP, Kitchener-Waterloo), "Bill 70 hurts Ontario's small distillers" (Youtube)
-2016-11-30: MPP Taras Natyshak (NDP, Essex), "Why doesn't this government want craft distillers to succeed?" (Youtube)
-2016-12-01: OCDA President Charles Benoit testifies on ruinous effects of Bill 70 tax before Standing Committee on Finance
-2016-12-01: MPP Steve Clark (PC, Leeds-Grenville), "Bill 70 puts the future of craft distilling in doubt"
-2016-12-02: Whisky Buzz Podcast, "The Tale of Two Micro-Distilleries"
-2016-12-04: ICI Ontario, "Les microdistilleries de l'Ontario s'inquiètent d'un projet de loi" (Facebook video)

Our current ONTARIO CRAFT DISTILLERS ASSOCIATION (OCDA) Members proudly include:

Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers, Dixon’s Distilled Spirits, Junction 56 Distillery, King's Lock Craft Distillery, Last Straw Distillery, Murphy's Law DistilleryNorth of 7 Distillery, Polonée Distillery, Rheault Distillery, Seventh Concession Distillers, Still Waters Distillery, Kinsip House of Fine Spirits, Top Shelf Distillers, Toronto Distillery Co., Wolfhead Distillery, and Yongehurst Distillery.

OCDA Executive (2017)

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