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The Ontario CoR Party is the party of the people, by the people and for the people as it firmly believes in and promotes the principle of Direct Democracy.  A CoR Party government will implement the principle of Direct Democracy by passing the Direct Democracy legislation in the parliament which will replace the present "representative" democracy. Representative democracy has been advantageously turned into an autocratic and oligarchic democracy by the deeply entrenched forces of political-bureaucratic-corporate nexus whose myopic policies have nurtured a bureaucratic environment in which rampant cronyism and blatant corruption has thrived and spread, thereby severely compromising democratic traditions, democratic values and democratic institutions of Ontario.  The government corruption and wasteful spending has skyrocketed Ontario's budget deficit and imposed a heavy economic burden on the common man by preventing the creation of meaningful new jobs, self-employment opportunities, decent housing, education and healthcare reform and infrastructure development. In its quest to promote a culture of inclusive politics, Ontario's CoR Party invites interested individuals from all walks of life who are devoted to public interest to declare their intention to register as CoR party candidates for October 6, 2011 provincial elections.  CoR Party aspires to field a candidate in each of the 107 Ontario ridings.  CoR Party greatly encourages the involvement and participation of average citizens and calls upon people from grassroots level, professionals, women, youth, single parents, activists, students, media personalities, intellectuals, radio hosts, journalists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, human rights activists and advocates, out-spoken personalities, independent-minded social and political intellectuals and thinkers, and reform-minded visionaries to run for Office with CoR Party.  To run for public office is to utilize and excercise one's democratic and political right, a part of the universal values which are enshrined in the United Nation's Charter and in the Canadian Constitution itself. Brave, confident and courageous individuals with great passion and strength of character whose mission is to promote the ideals of human dignity and human rights in order to give a voice to the voiceless majority, the voiceless millions in our society, are invited to represent  the Ontario CoR party and to form and establish riding associations all across Ontario for the upcoming October 6 Provincial Elections 2011.  If you are interested, please call the Ontario CoR party president Eileen Butson at
 (905) 383 6775.
Please note that the policies listed on this site are a brief statement of policy advocated by the Ontario Provincial CoR party.  These are a summation of policy research material which serves to inform new and potential members more fully of CoR thinking on major issues of concern to Ontarians.  CoR party members have tried to create a political party that will remain within the control of the people of Ontario.  The policies are based on Direct Democracy, otherwise known as common sense (we said it first).                                              
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