The Ontario Confederation of Regions Party (CoR)

This is the official Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party website authorized by the Ontario CoR Party president Eileen Butson.  
The Confederation of Regions party (CoR) is a registered political party in Ontario.  The party was established in May 1990 by the signatures of 15,000 Ontarians anxious to see political change in Ontario.  A bare three months later, the then premier, David Peterson called down the wrath of the voters upon him and his party.  In that short period, the Ontario CoR party organized 40 ridings, fielded 33 candidates, garnered 8% of their contested votes and finished ahead of the Progressive Conservatives in 8 ridings.  Dedicated work, inspite of many obstacles had brought the Ontario CoR party to the point of being able to present a viable political alternative to the people of Ontario.  Today, 21 years later, the people of Ontario having seen the successive governments of Ontario walk the same old beaten political path are desperate to see a political change in Ontario.  And once again, the people of Ontario have seen a ray of hope in the Ontario CoR party.  The Ontario CoR party is vigourously reviewing, renewing, revising and upgrading its policies to 21st century modern standards to suit the needs of the people with the changing times.  This updating of policies will include a thorough revision of  the economic, social, political, infrastructural, educational and healthcare needs of the people of Ontario. The Ontario CoR party's main goal is to educate people and enlighten them on political issues, thereby, creating political awareness and awakening at grassroots level, so that the people of Ontario can take the reins of power back into their own hands.  The Ontario CoR party's principle of Direct Democracy will empower the people of Ontario to reject or to initiate a legislation and to recall from office the inefficient and inept elected or appointed officials who fail to carry out the people's will. It will also include the direct involvement and participation of the people of Ontario in devising the public policy mandates and legislations.  The Ontario CoR party strongly believes that the control of the government should firmly rest in the hands of the people and for that reason the CoR party encourages and calls upon each and every individual of voting age to become well-informed and get highly involved in the political decision-making process of the province of Ontario.