O(n) Software Labs

Bringing Research to Reality...

O(n) Software Labs was born out of the need to bring research going on in various universities to the light of the day. Our vision is to be the foremost company to work in collaboration of various universities to establish a multidisciplinary team of people that can provide cutting edge technology and solutions to the industry.

There is a lot of work going on in various universities on topics that are not directly related to any industrial problem. We take advantage of such work and apply it to a real world problem to provide better results. We are also committed to solve interesting new problems and assign graduate students to work on them.

If you are a graduate student, O(n) Software Labs will give you a mentor from industry to work on with your ongoing research. You are welcome to submit your proposal so that we can get back to you. If you are an university or a research group we can work in your collaboration directly and provide support for launch of new technologies and solutions. We work to provide support for these services, so that you can continue your active research while we do all the dirty work for you.