Thank you for your interest in OnSight Systems, LLC  

    Our company is rapidly growing, and to keep pace with that growth, we have made a few changes. We recently changed our name from Advanced Home C3 (AHC3), founded in 2003, to OnSight Systems.

AHC3 was initially created with the goal of developing and installing home technologies and infrastructure. This work soon grew to include troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair of the VerizonReady line of audio/video and home telephony products. As such, we are an authorized installer/maintainer for OnQ/Legrand (formerly Greyfox), the original supplier of the Verizon components.

    Our team has over twenty years of commercial and military systems integration expertise. Our core work has been in the fields of radio and electrical engineering, satellite and wireless communications, audio and video integration, and software development. We are now leveraging those areas of expertise into a single company with a single mission. Even though our name has changed, our goal is still to provide the best services and most cost effective solutions and to become the leader in home and business systems integration in our areas of operation.

    Our company has three distinct business units:
  • Retrofit - The Retrofit division is focused on developing and servicing the millions of homes already built and occupied.
  •  New Construction - This division concentrates on installing the latest products and components into new homes in today's resurgent home construction market. 
  • Research/Development/Engineering and Fabrication. This business unit has several functions. RDEF develops new products and methodologies to increase our capabilities, refine our installation processes, and provide software and electrical engineering support for the other two business units. 

Thank you again for your interest in OnSight Systems. We look forward to working with you to enhance the comfort, safety, and convenience of your home or business. 


 Robert Brice, Owner, OnSight Systems, LLC