Full course 26.2 starts at 7AM
Half course 13.1 starts at 9AM

We are pleased at the amount of runners who've shown interest in joining us for the most scenic marathon course in Charleston. The May Day Marathon was originally designed to be an unofficial Charleston marathon. For the past 3 years, it's grown into something quixotic and exciting.

Please join us for a runner meet and greet and grab a tasty beer on Saturday 4/30 from 3-6pm:  

Tradesman Brewery
1639 Tatum St
Charleston, SC 29412

What you should expect on MayDay:

  • A quixotic bunch of runners will complete both the full and half marathons on Sunday May 1, 2016
  • This is a self-supported run, so bring your own fuel and hydration. There will be a few aid stations on the course, but we always ask that our runners have what they need as opposed to relying on our aid. 
  • This course offers views of everything Charleston and the surrounding areas have to offer, but print out a map ahead of time if you'll need it or just stay with the group! It's more fun that way anyway :)
  • The race won't be timed, but you will be rewarded will be the satisfaction of completing the distance of your choice and making some awesome new friendships
  • Be sure to carry your ID, along with some cash or a card in case you want to join in on any of the impromptu stops along the's a tradition to stop at La Carreta along the way for a cerveza!

Our initial vision for the May Day Marathon was for it to be an exciting and beautiful group run. If you choose to participate, this is what you'll get. You're sure to gain new friends and make memories that will last a lifetime.