2019 Videos

Videos for the 2019 season will be posted on this page, check back soon. New videos will be added at the top of the page.

We made a video to promote the Job Coach Unit at camp. Take a look.

A video produced by the 2nd week Podcast Club.

The guys from the unit called the Monopoly Men made this weird video.

Tuesday night was a girl's night out event, so we had the Americas Next Top Model Ninja Warrior Event!

The guys from The Cards of Doom in an animation.

A quick animation from the girls unit Uno.

Some magical sand paintings made by the Sorry Not Sorry unit.

Video clips from the 2019 Rotary Onseyawa Carnival!

A faux preview for a documentary on the foot bridge that was produced by the first week podcast club.

We took some time to get some photos and videos of many of the wonderful activities we have going on during the day at camp.

On Wednesday night we had a great variety of games for campers to play, here are some video clips of the action!

Opening Campfire! Here is the skit that the program staff performed for the opening campfire Monday evening.