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The Only Maybe blog emerged from a group of students working asychronously online with Robert Anton Wilson - both 'getting him while we could' and cheering on his last three years in this realm.

You  can glimpse the scale of the MLA project here.

RAW did run courses on his own material...

  •  Quantum Psychology
  • The Illuminatus! Trilogy                                (written in collaboration with Robert Shea)
  • The Eight Dimensions of Mind  (his take on Leary's 8-Circuit model).  Since then, we have had Antero Alli's excellent Angel Tech classes which took the whole model off into other dimensions.

   ...but with Bob's normal mixture of humility, humour and enthusiasm he spent far more time getting us to examine some of the 'masters' of his generation - the Moderns - James Joyce, Ezra Pound, Marshall McLuhan, Buckminster Fuller, Claude Shannon, Korzybski, etc.

Those studies - with the input from an extraordinary group of student attracted into his orbit - created fireworks.

Rappers discovering Joyce's Finnegans Wake, for instance. We all brought our own interests and obsessions, too - mine included John Cage, William Burroughs, etc.

Since Bob (or RAW as many called him) left the planet, sombunall of us have felt the urge to contribute to, or maybe even complete, his work - the unwritten book he called The Tale of The Tribe.

  Amor et Hilaritas!                             
         Bogus Magus

Hopefully (ever optimistic) this can become a one-stop shop for useful and relevant links:

The best ever online resource for material about Robert Anton Wilson and his Works - RAWilson Fans

You find Bob's influence all over the web, so search for yourselves - depending on which aspect of his work gets to you.

"I've written about a lot of different subjects! I've got about ten different fan-clubs, depending on which book they've read!"  RAW in an interview

So you can follow him to Korzybski, or magick, quantum physics or psychology, to modern literature like Joyce and Pound, or to Burroughs and cut-ups, or The Sixties - and all that implies, including Leary and his 8 Circuit Model, or his anticipation of the Internet (not alone, the Whole Earth Catalogue, the Pranksters, and others got it too.)