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The work we have done for five years deserves a summary, maybe.

I learned so much from both RAW and the fellow students that I hardly noticed getting older.

I have written hundreds and thousands of words in the course forums, the general forums (see Random jottings, a spiel from the early days of MLA), in the OM blog and for the MQ magazine.

The childhood dream of writing (E-Prime prevents me from 'wanting to BE a writer) has happened.

I don't care a lot for earning money from it (it might feel good) but I enjoy knowing that at least some people read the words, and that sombunall of them even understand what I attempted to say.

 So I hope to draw together here some of the stuff that I have written over the last few years - as much for my own pleasure, as anyone else's.

I may find the seed for the book I hope to compile.

I set myself the challenge of writing 50,000 words in a month last year, and succeeded, but I don't suppose the novel works, just yet.

The book I have in mind seems more based on my experiences than emerging as fiction. I have the (secret) title.                 I (now) have got the life experiences.

            I even have a friend who might do me some artwork!


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