2006 was the year when the author (namely, me) started writing a simple blog script that would save entries in a text file. It progressed later on to have many more features and many more corresponding lines of code. As a programmer, OZjournals has always been a special project for me because it allowed me to explore my capabilities- not to mention, logical thinking skills- into an open source software that may have changed my appreciation to PHP in a very nice way. OZjournals, when you try to view the code, isn't very complex. The fundamental idea really is to keep things simple yet very much functional.

OZjournals doesn't need an SQL database or other external databases, for that matter. It only needs write permissions, especially on servers running on Linux. The script is mostly tested on Windows OS so any reports of script users who run Linux servers would be appreciated.

Some bugs came to my attention when I run an "ozjournals" search on Google. But those were from previous versions and, hopefully, the latest version (v3.2) won't have as much problems.

I really haven't found the time to improve on the script further in the succeeding years since the release of OZjournals but I aim to develop it so that security would then be one of its qualities.