How To Download Episodes from Youtube & Dailymotion

Hello everybody
Here is a guide that I made up that explains how to download video's from Youtube

You must have Free Downloader installed and a relatively fast internet connection or alot of patience

An average Survivor or Amazing Race episode is about 110 MB's in flv format.


Step 1: Go to the users webpage. Here I chose antzs2's page. Right click on the vid and copy link



then go to and paste the link, click nab video and a box will appear lower on the page



click on flv download and if you have installed Free download Manager, this will appear



enter a comment such as Survivor Micronesia Ep3/5

and download



Next we have to convert the file from flv to avi (then you dont need VLC to play the file)




now go to C://Downloads

rename get_video.avi to SMe3p5.avi

delete get_video (the one that doesnt have an extention)



Keep on doing this for all the other parts of the episode.

Move vids to a designated folder;