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Online ticket booking system project report

Hi this project report is useful for you if you are developing you final year project on ticket booking system. I have divided this project report in 16 chapters that you can see in left navigation. Each chapter gives you the details knowledge of the project in that chapter area. Like in Chapter 2- Objective of the Project we give you the objective of the project means why we develop this project what is the purpose of the project. Why this project is needed in ticket booking system. In this Project report chapter we have also give the requirement of the system what functionality we have to develop and what is the use of this functionality in developing fully working online ticket booking system.

You can download Project report and synopsis of this project from the end of this project report.

In Chapter 3 - PROJECT CATEGORY we describe the category of the project and how we should do Project analysis of online ticket booking system. Here you can learn that we should understand the problem properly before we start developing the project. Like in this project we fist analysis the present ticket booking system and find the problems in the existing bus ticket booking system project this help us to understand the problem first and find out that we are feasible to solve these problem that comers while developing project on online ticket booking system

Chapter 4 - Input to the Project in this chapter  we are make the report of input to the project mean what input we get in online ticket booking system and from where we get the inputs. Like in booking ticket Loging module we need input like username and password. Transport details module- here we get input like transport provider name bus name his transport availability etc, payment module- here we get the payment information when user book ticket.

Chapter 5- Output of the Project- in this Project report chapter we take care of output of the online ticket booking system. In this chapter we design the output of Ticket Information, customer Information who booked the ticket, Fine Details, Branch Information, Price details of the ticket,  Status of the Ticket,  User Card details

Chapter 6 - PROCESS LOGIC in this Chapter we describe the Process logic of the online ticket booking project. In this data flow diagram we can see the inputs are in left and their output in right. When new customer comes to book his ticket he inputs his information and we store his information new customer details table. We also store bus hire information in our bus ticket booking system project database and how many tickets are booked and how many tickets are remaining we also update this information. if user book airport bus then we update airport bus details. User can also give request to check ticket fair or amount. So we also have table to store faire.  And use can also cancel his ticket so we also have table that store cancel ticket information


·         Chapter 7- Limitation Of the Project in this Project report chapter we describe the limitation of the project in booking ticket.

·         Chapter 8 - Tools/Platform ,Language to be usedin this chapter we describe the tools and language we used in developing online ticket booking system.  What is front end we used and back end database in the project. We developed this project in asp.net and backend is MS SQL server 2005.

·         Chapter 9- ER DESIGN in this chapter we describe the entity relationship diagram of the online ticket booking system project

·         NEXT Chapter 10 - Chapter DFD-DIAGRAM in this Project report chapter we give the Data flow diagram of the project . here we describe by making the diagram that how user book ticket and what is data flow in back end when user book bus ticket, Movie tickets on airplane ticket.

·         NEXT Chapter 11- DATA STRUCTURE AND TABLE DESIGN in this chapter we give the data structure of the project. How many tables we have created and how the tables are connected to each other. here you can see were data save in database when user book his ticket.

·         NEXT Chapter 12 - Type of Report Generation Crystal Report- in this chapter we describe what reports we generate in this project.

·         NEXT Chapter 13 - Validation Checks- in this project we do the testing of the online ticket booking system. We validate the inputs check that system is working as expected.

·         NEXT Chapter 14 - HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATIONS OF THE PROJECT here we give the information that what is hardware and software requirement of the system. Here we ensure that to working of the online ticket booking system we need this platform

·         NEXT Chapter 15 - Project For Industry or Not

·         NEXT Chapter 16 - SCOPE OF FUTURE APPLICATION here we describe the future of the application.



INTRODUCTION  TO   THE  bus ticket booking PROJECT:


This Software project is aimed at automation of Online Ticket booking. Objective of the project is to develop customize software package for Ticket booking. 

In our daily life we have to book ticket for Bus, movies, Flight and cricket match or foot boll match. When we do this task manually then it becomes very hard to manage the ticket booking. So are developing this system to manage booking of ticket automatically. In this bus ticket booking project we develop the system that can help the user to book their ticket online. In this project we take care of every service related to travelling and online ticket booking. When you start your traveling tour you have to book ticket so we help you from the starting point to the end. we help you in booking your traveling ticket.  bus ticket booking system in php then when you reached your destination we help you in booking hotels or booking cars. you can also book your movies ticket from this project system. 

 Home page of Online Bus ticket booking system

Home page has the functionality of selecting journey date, journey root and destination place. we can also select payment type and book our ticket. we can also select bus for our journey form home page. we can also check fare and bus ticket booking cancellation from home page. We can also hire bus for our journey or we can also book bus for airport. So using the home page we can select bus, we can select root and we can select departure place and destination place. After selection the bus and selecting journey root we can make payment of our ticket bus ticket booking system in php. When payment is successful an sms is send to given mobile number for confirmation of the ticket booking confirmation. or user can print the ticket from home page.  

Ø  Ticket Detail Functions

Ø  Issuing a New Ticket

Ø  Modification to Ticket assigned

Ø  Log-in and Log-out Detail Functions.

Ø  Creating the reports etc.


Local Ticket Booking: In this field of booking the agency provides the services available with its agency local to its area.

 Non local Ticket Booking:

 In this field the agency provides the services available with non-local agency.  bus ticket booking system in asp.net But service to the customer it provided by non-local providers of the same agency.

 Shared Booking:

 In this field the agency can book the tickets for the customers with the services provided by other travel agencies. In this case customer handling is taken care by the other agency.

Booking of Bus Ticket from home page- 

While booking the bus you have to give your mobile number and name and email address and number of ticket you want. bus ticket booking system in asp.net You can also give date of journey and return date of journey. While you fill up all the mandatory fields you have to click on submit button. If the ticket is available then you can select the seat in bus. After that you have to give payment of the ticket. When you pay the money for the ticket then you get the confirmation message that your ticket is booked. You get a Receipt of it. bus ticket booking system project report



If you want to cancel your ticket you can click on cancel button on home page from bus ticket booking system. Ticket cancellation page will display. On this page you have to enter Ticket number that you want to cancel and email id that you have given while booking the ticket and click on cancel button. After clicking on cancel button you will get confirmation message of your ticket cancellation. Below is the cancel ticket screen.



Below we have given the data flow diagram of bus ticket booking system. In this diagram you can see first a customer come with a request. This request is about a ticket that he wants to book a ticket on a specific destination and on a specific date. We process his request and check the availability of the ticket. If the ticket is available on that particular date then we tell the customer that ticket is available. For bus ticket booking system in java checking the availability we access our online record of the buses on that particular date and for that destination. If ticket is available user can book his ticket online.

DFD ticket booking

Airport bus ticket booking system

You can also book bus for airport. When we are about to finish our tour the last task we have to do is to reach airport on time. So in this project we have also developed airport bus service functionality.  In this bus ticket booking system project report service you can hire bust for airport. Below is the airport bus service page. in this page you have to select boarding point and dropping point and date of the journey. When you fill up all the mandatory information the booking system check the availability of the bus ticket. If the ticket is available then you can book the ticket. The benefit of this bus is this bus ticket booking system in java does not stop any stops and take you to the airport directly.

airport bus ticket booking system