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The purpose of this page is to give online teachers usable Icebreakers for synchronous or asynchronous activities.  The activities on this page have been developed by Boise State University students in an Advanced Online Teaching Methods Class (EdTech 523).  Listed below are links to several different Icebreaker Activities appropriate for all grade levels from Kindergarten up to 12th Grade.

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Grade LevelTitleCreator
K12 Common Bonds Cory Plough 
Adult Time Capsule Mary Oakley 
K-12 What I Like to Do Britt Czupryna 
K-12 Two Truths and a Lie Anthony Serafini 
K-12 Student Dictionary Christi Camel 
K-12 Recipe for Success Patrick Specht 
K-12 Widdes Haiku Jason Widdes 
K-12 Round Robin Story Imackh 
K-12 Simpsonize Todd Anderson 
K-12 A-B-C Me Dave Genis 
K-12 Let Me Introduce My Shoes Christine Billingsley 
Spanish 1 Let Me Introduce Myself in Spanish Nelson Baquero 
3-12 The Giving Tree Marne Curtis 
6-12 What artwork best describes you? Abby Eckel 
2-Adult Info Snake Erin Markus 
3-12 What's in a Name? Ashleigh Jensen 
4-12 You Haiku Barb Herman 
K-12 "My Story" Collage Jacklyn Naughton 
K-12 I Have But You Haven't Greg Rockwood 
K-2 I Am Happy And I Know It  Rita Repp 
2-6 What I Treasure Ilene Zedek 
K-Adult Which Disney Character Are You?  Stephan O'Shaughnessy 
Showing 22 items