A work in progress....

Teaching online is challenging. This site is being developed as a resource for online teachers. The materials presented here have been created by students in a graduate course devoted to developing instructional strategies for teaching (and learning) in online environments. Many of the activities you will find here have been adapted from activities typically found in traditional face-to-face classrooms. Others are completely original - developed solely for the purpose of enhancing instruction in synchronous and asynchronous learning environments. We are confident you will find something of value within this site.



It is my honor to showcase and share with you this collection of online teaching strategies and resources. Through collaborative inquiry, graduate students in my course examine best practices in online teaching and develop practical strategies for implementation in any online classroom. To learn more visit http://edtech.boisestate.edu or contact Dr. Kerry Rice at krice@boisestate.edu. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Dr. Kerry Rice
Associate Professor
Department of Educational Technology
Boise State University