Spiderman Games For Kids

How It All Began:
I've been a Spiderman fan ever since I can remember myself.  The first book I read was The Amazing Spiderman (the original, you believe it?)
I heard that it was sold to a private collector for 1.1 million dollars on 2011.  If only I could save mine...
Anyway, that was 35 years ago. I grew up since, and to my surprise Spiderman kind of grew up with me also.
As superheroes have a tendency to vanish after a certain period of time, my childhood hero gains power as the years go by.
Three Spiderman movies were released in the last 10 years alone!

The Amazing Spider-man    
Grab The Mask - Spiderman games for kids    
Spiderman 3 games    
Spiderman Games Online Free

Today I have three kids, and they all infercted with the same disease as I had - they love comic books (well, that wasn't hard to convince them) and they all adore Spiderman.
So I decided to do something for them so I created OnlineSpiderGames.com - the ultimate Spiderman games for kids website, dedicate solely for Spiderman:

  • Spiderman games (Grab The Mask, The Amazing Spider-man, Spiderman vs. Sandman, Spiderman and Batman, Spiderman Memory Match etc)
  • Spiderman Movies (The Amazing Spider-man episodes, The Lizard Emerges, Spiderman 3 trailer, Venom Returns etc)
  • Spiderman Coloring Pages (A Hugh collection of free spiderman coloring pages to download)
  • Spiderman Wallpapers
  • Spiderman Icons
  • Spiderman Jokes
  • Spiderman Blog (Different articles and discussions about Spiderman, Marvel and other comic books superheroes)
On top of it, since we all love superheroes in general, I also added a category for heroes games, heroes movies and heroes coloring pages.
So there you go, I get to keep my legacy AND my kids enjoy it, what could be better than that?

So if you are also a fan of The Amazing Spider-man , join us in our dream site:  http://www.OnlineSpiderGames.com