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    Hello, My name is Katie Angelone and I this will be my ninth year teaching social science at the high school level .  Recently, I have become a huge fan of the open source ideology because I believe it is an essential part of improving the quality, reliability, and flexibility teachers need to engage the 21st Century student.  

     It all started when I watched the video Where Good Ideas Come From. I immediately wanted to share what I thought were my "slow hunches" with other teachers and learn about theirs in hopes that we'd come up with great ideas together.  I felt even more compelled to change the way I was teaching after I watched Changing Education Paradigms.  So, where would I start? With the guidance of Dr. Robin Worley and sharing her love for open source material and the internet, I started looking for answers.  

    In the past year or more, I have spent time researching various websites that I can use in and out of the classroom.  I was thrilled to find so many FREE and AMAZING websites!! Many of the resources that I have found and then compiled on this website are for  secondary social science teachers but there are also many other resources listed that encourage students to become more interactive with the content, inside and outside the class.  Some of these sites can be used in the classroom as part of a teacher's core curriculum, some of them can be used outside of the classroom as a source of content for students, some of it can be used as a social online learning tool and some can be used as forms of assessment.  I know there is more out there and I will keep adding to this site as I find them! I will also continue to share on this site materials I have created for my classroom that might be useful for others.  If you have anything that you think I should add or if you would like to give me feedback, please e mail me. 

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