Manners- Webquest on Black Eyed Susan Book (3-5)

"Do Unto Otters"

A WebQuest based on the book “Do Unto Otters:A Book about Manners”, by Laurie Keller

Designed by
Katie Douglas
Revist and reread the story again.





The Skunks have moved in! Mr. Rabbit has just finished learning about how to get along with the otters and now he has to learn to get along with skunks.  They are very different from Mr. Rabbit and the otters!

What's a rabbit to do?

Mr. Rabbit is afraid that he won't get along with the Skunks. Mr. Owl is tired of giving Mr. Rabbit advice and would like you to help him.




The skunks really struggle with manners.  They especially have trouble with table manners, forgetting "magic words", and conversational manners.

What advice or rules would you give them on these types of manners?


Remember, manners are very important to use everyday, no matter where we are.  We want to treat others the way that we want to be treated.



Task and

You will be creating a brochure for the skunks on different types of manners.  Before you create your brochure about manners, you will need to do some research.  To help you stay organized, you need to fill out the attached graphic organizer.  This is located at the bottom of the webpage.  When you visit the different resources it will help you to record your research. 

Print out and complete the manners graphic organizer.  Follow directions carefully.   


Gather and Sort:




To fill in your graphic organizer you will need to find the manners that they are struggling with.  The skunks are having trouble with conversational manners, table manners, and using the "magic words".  You also might want to find other suggestions for them to make sure that they are very mannerly.  Here are some helpful resources.



Family Fun Manners

Nine Steps to Good Table Manners

Table Manners for Kids

Magic Words

Conversations and Manners

Conversation Rules Powerpoint

Kids and Manners

Greeting Adults

Greetings in Different Cultures



Now you are ready to create your brochure.  Use the information that you gathered in your graphic organizer.  You may choose to use the formatted Microsoft Word Template (located at the bottom of the page)  for your brochure.

Make sure you include the following:


 Make sure you follow the rubric!




Manners are something that you should use EVERYWHERE!  Not only did you create a helpful guide for the skunks but it also is a helpful guide for yourself.  When I see students around the school I expect them to “Treat others the way they want to be treated.” 

To learn more, check out these cool sites. 

 Clip of the video of "Do unto Otters" by Weston Woods

Test your table manners

Lots of quizzes to make sure you are polite

Check out these bad situations

Online game about facial expressions

 Game on Magic Words


To see the lesson plan visit the teacher page.

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