An Open Letter:

A girl, a greedy service, and the fall-out

An Open Letter to Heide Iravani.



I can't believe the people at Reputation Defender used you and your story to get free publicity. These guys are incapable of helping you. In fact, their involvement provides for more comedy--these guys are straight-up losers. All their "successful testimonials" are fakes. Meanwhile, all their *real* actual clients are suffering worse publicity than ever. Click here to read the story of Ronnie Segev, a former victim of ReputationDefender. Also, look at a Google search for "Ronnie Segev" and see what a great job ReputationDefender did in that case.

These guys at Reputation Defender wanted to give you the service for free because of publicity value to them. They don't have to live your life so their incentive to really help you is fairly minimal. Even though you're going to be a bigger internet celebrity than before, they have gotten a lot of page hits and possibly new business.  You should pursue a course of action against Reputation Defender.

I don't know you, but if I were you I would be outraged that Reputation Defender did this to you. They've used you and your story to make this all about *them*. Before Reputation Defender got involved, you could've just waited it out or posted positive information about yourself at websites, ensuring that the negative content wouldn't show up. Instead, xoxo, a site with a lot of law school and lawyer traffic, is going crazy with more hits than ever and more websites popping up to mock both you and Reputation Defender.


Your Friends at Online Reputation Source