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We will be setting up a legal fund to take donations on behalf of individuals harmed by shady/unethical reputation defense businesses.

The funds will be available for harmed individuals to pursue their legal rights against so-called reputation management companies who have "thrown their clients under the bus" and used them to get their name out in the media.

We are in the process of establishing a charity, which will accept online donations via PayPal, to establish a benefit fund and a possible legal costs fund for 3 people whose names and information have been widely (publicly) disseminated as a result of the ham-handed and publicity-seeking activities of ReputationDefender, Inc. If the Reputation Defender clients whose reputations have been destroyed want to seek legal action against Reputation Defender, Inc., we will provide some funding for that endeavor.

Before Reputation Defender got involved with these individuals, they would have been able to just bury the negative information about themselves by disseminating positive information (this is easily done and our "Online Privacy" section will contain information on how to do this).

Ronnie Segev was a little-known classical pianist before Reputation Defender started sending its form letters to blogs and fighting over his (accurate) Wikipedia profile, which included a passing reference to his arrest. After Reputation Defender got involved, Segev's online search results now include public information about his arrest.

Heide Iravani and Brittan Heller are Yale Law Students who were featured in major media stories about online reputation management. Although the media accounts do not list them by name, the details given are enough that many Yale students and people in the legal community recognized the individuals. Their names began popping up more and more frequently after the media stories. Before their stories, negative information about these two would have been easily covered and eventually faded. Unfortunately, while Reputation Defender has used these girls for publicity, the girls themselves have had embarassing information spread--some of it true, but much of it nasty.

To learn more about the individuals who have been harmed, go to our case studies on the Consumer Protection page.