Case Study Three:

Heide Iravani of Yale Law School

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Heide Iravani was first a victim of some insulting and rude behavior on the message board This was unfortunate and wrong. But it would have blown over in time.

Heide's real problems started when she accepted the "help" of a bottom-feeding service that purported to be able to help her remove all bad information from the web.

Unfortunately for Heide Iravani, the service "helping" her just made the story even bigger and ensured that she would be a target for criticism for many more people.

Case studies are a way to learn from what others have done or what you have done in the past. In this case study we will analyze the case of Heide Iravani, who became a public figure by virtue of a few major media articles by publications such as the Washington Post and ABC News. Heide's issue isn't just about her privacy anymore. The service she agreed to let assist her went out and sought press attention. This makes Heide Iravani and her issue matters of public record.

We will make more information available shortly. For now, read our open letter to Heide, which contains our suggestions on how to approach the invasion of her privacy and the posting of unfortunately things on message boards.