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This is a site about facts. We want to present the facts about online reputation management. We will critically analyze the claims of certain companies and we will present case studies of famous cases (matters of public record as a result of media publication) and figure out what these cases can teach us. Lastly, we will present simple tips for readers on how to protect their online information.

One other thing we will do on this website is solicit and accept donations to a charity we have established to help people hurt by poorly-run “reputation management” services. Click on the “Charity Efforts” link at the top of this page to find out more about that endeavor.

To navigate the site, use the link panel towards the top of each screen. If you have any tips or comments to make the site better, please email them to us at the addresses provided at the “Contact” link.

If you want to read more about Reputation Defender and how they ruin the lives of their "clients" in a crass attempt to get publicity, click to read AutoAdmit's Challenge to Reputation Defender.