Anime Expo 2009

Gathering and Photo Sites 

 Hey, seasoned AX'er and volunteer here...  I do this because I love AX, Gatherings, and my fellow cosplayers!  If you have suggestions, hints, criticisms, etc, please email them to me.

And now what you want

Google Map of LACC and Hotels

 - Includes LACC Outdoor Sites and Hotel Sites, view the POI's on the sidebar, links to pics in POI notes

LACC Detailed Map

 - Squall's Excellent map of LACC, basic mapping of sites on it, more soon.

Onliner4U Picasa Albums

 - Includes all Site pics, Hotel Site pics, and all my other stuff. 


Ok, complete site revamp, I'm leaving the old map pic and links at the bottom for sentimental reasons :) 
AX'08 - Original Links  Day Zero Pics  *  Day One Pics  *  Day Two Pics