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A shocking fact is that in the modern psychic industry only a quarter of individuals who call themselves psychics or medium readers are genuine psychics with the real abilities. This should provide you with a clearer idea of the large number of psychics that is all over the internet preying on the many desperate people - people in need of help. 

Greed is the main reason why there are many fake online psychics. The psychics only care a little about the emotional or psychological damage they cause to the society. However, there is hope for individuals desiring to benefit from the services of honest and genuine psychics. The following tips will help you identify the fake psychics.

Online Psychic Readings

  • Asks for your star sign and your date of birth
They need the star sign and your date of birth so that they can check for the day’s astrology reading on the local newspaper. They will then type the information differently so that it can sound like they are actually picking the information from you.

Psychic Readings

  • Asks for your city or county
The place you live tell much about your lifestyle and your age mainly because it shows your life, your education and your social status. A quick example: an ordinary person will easily guess the kind of life a person in Egypt is leading. Your sex and age will tell a fake psychic your general lifestyle and the status of your relationship. They will get the information using simple techniques mostly used in study of sociology.

Asknow Psychics

  • Makes Huge Promises
This is a great way of differentiating fake psychics from the genuine ones. A fake psychic will many promises like bringing back a lover with candles and spells which mostly add up to extra charges. Any psychic who claims that you have curses on you from friends or family may not be genuine. This is because hexes or curses do not exist and fear is a powerful tool whenever it involves a loved one.

Hollywood Psychics

  • They are internationally known or famous
A fake psychic will tell you that they are internationally known or famous. Some will even tell you that they have read for many Hollywood stars. If you haven’t heard of them there before and all they have is a website, the higher chances are that they are frauds. If they were famous like they claim, you or anyone closer to you would have heard about them.

California Psychics

  • Don’t like testing
No fraud psychic will like being tested and therefore they won’t be interested in your questions. If the psychic refuses to do some general reading, most likely they are con artists. Real psychics will tell you about your past life, the present and the future with in depth knowledge that no one will know. 

Online Psychic Readings

If the psychic is only providing you with airy-fairy future readings without any relevant or personal information, you should avoid them.