Who We Are

It is the 1st online Community of the Indian Physiotherapists established in the year 2004 by Dr. Krishna N. Sharma. The purpose of this organization is to increase the popularity of our common interest in Physiotherapy. We hope to add new members so we will be able to grow and expand. We also want to share knowledge and experiance while when we are not together and working on projects. By developing relationships and friendships, the organization will become even stronger.

Our mission is :-
     - To share knowledge, experiance & national/international information of the field of Physiotherapy.
    - To share, exchange, & make link with worldwide P.T. Orgnizations.
    - To guide & help P.T. Students/Practitioners in P.T. Education & proffession.
    - To alert P.T. Students/Practitioners for Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, New Books, & other activities related with Physiotherapy.

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