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Are We Saturated? Rethink...

Dear Fellow Physios
Just to share a very important issue what I had researched till, I would like to enlighten and share the information with you all. I don’t know much how to explain the issue in words with you, but I will try my best. Being Physio in India is we know how it is. I travelled many cities, met with many Physios, discussed many professional issues, Council, Bill, IAP, Syllabus, bla bla bla. What most asked, When we getting council, But I asked them direct and opposite question, WHY YOU NEED COUNCIL, the answers differ individually. Well let it be, let come to the point. 
1. SATURATION - Yes , Indeed, lot n lot of saturation , but this line in half completed. Let me tell you how. YES, we are saturated now, BUT in private sector. NOBODY EVEN THINK OF GOVERNMENT SECTOR!!! hussshhhhhhh….. And why we are not in government sector?? Because we are not in Health care policy of Government of India, Why we are not in Health care policy, because we are not considered in Millennium developmental goal. If you need to know more details of this point, here it is in next para, if not, you can see next point.
We (Waqar Naqvi – Me, and Amol Shinde, with the most imp person, Gayatri Jadav) filled an RTI, dated – 12-09-2011 to Ministry of Health covering 7 key questions.The question and answer are here in summary, If you wish to have copy of it, I will scan and mail it.  
Q1. Opportunities for health care professionals in recent health care policy – They replied with Important goals in 11th Plan of Health sector , replying about Infant mortality rate, Maternal mortality rate, Fertility rate etc – IRRELEVANT ANSWERS  - we didn’t asked this !!!!
Q2. We asked that is there any relation with Census and Health care policy?  They replied, - THERE IS NO SPECIFIC TIME FRAME!!! So friends why this question is IMP for us? Simple logic, we know we are much ahead in population as compared to USA, UK etc, but still we are in high demand there, WHY? Due to their health policy, which are frequently updated, which also maintain the Health professional and Patient ratio,  and our country don’t have any specific time, We have time frame for elections, seats, corruption, almost everything, but not for health policy which actually need to be directly related with the census, which they take every 10 years, Health policy should be also updated after each census.
Q3. Failure of achievement Health targets which was proposed in health policy. This is best answer we got, they simply said, read Mid Term Appraisal (MTA) of 11th Plan by Planning commission of India, as well as they helped me in giving the website to read more – Thank you HEALTH MINISTRY.
Q4. Shortage of Health care professionals in Government Health Sector – MOST IMP QUESTION. They said that they are trying forming central regulatory body, and we know it was that thing cancelled last moment. 
Q5. Contribution of Physiotherapist in Grass root Level – It almost more than 2 years and still they have not answered this question. 
Importance of this question – According to WHO and WCPT, Each PHC should have a Physio in their team, This is most imp issue and I would like share with all Physios, To make it more interesting, Search how many PHCs are there in India, how many CHCs, and other centers. To make it bigger, we are almost 40,000 to 50,000 Physios in India, If we get 1 post per PHC, just calculate, what will be ratio, demand etc, simple. Its obvious that, they will lack the man power, as Physios are still less in INDIA. 
Now demand and supply thing, once the Physios , if we get chance for PHCs , I hope all know how much will be pay scale and all facilities, and How much private physios earn rubbing his shoes from morning to evening? So you will work in private sector or PHCs? 

Once we enter PHCs, naturally there will be shortage of Physios is private sector, thus will improve the pay and all there. Definitely once the job opportunity if increased will increase flow in colleges, as we know how much the colleges are getting admissions and on what back ground. 
You still think we are saturated????
Q5 and Q6 – We are asked for existence of Physios in National Health policy, they said its work of planning commission and comes under Millennium development goals, Bla bla. No direct answer …..
I was in Delhi, When Anna Hazare gathered all India for Lok Pal, but when u ask and Person that what it lok pal and how it will benefit you, NO BODY KNOWS, same thing we have. All needs council but why most don’t know, Many need it but. What I want to convey is that, council is IMP too, very imp, but what it do basically? Mostly Standardization of Education and Pay scale as well as can recommend jobs to government, that’s it, ITS REGULATORY BODY.
And we can’t get unless we are in no in Government sectors, we can’t be in Government sector, unless we are in National Health Policy. We can’t be in National Health Policy, unless we are in 12th Plan of Planning Commission, Which is under DR. SMS (Sardar Manmohan Singh). 
So Physios, What’s the summary, We needs Jobs, We are still to conquer and get our right in Government sector, we are not saturated, we have to open the eyes, council we need, but we need jobs first in public sector. What we can do???????
Our Senior Physios, IAP should come ahead for this important matter, WE NEED THEM IN THIS. Keeping the egos, clashes, and fights in cupboard. United we stand, Divided we fall, we are already injured by the irony of clashes and division. Let fight the main issue for Physios, Let keep the ego clashes for afterwards. May be some of my points here need more expertise opinion, positives, negatives, I will be happy to have expert opinions, not comments only.
Let’s see who comes and steps forward, if any query, Please doesn’t hesitate to contact me on my email – What we can do in this is very important opinion, First lets see the which senior renowned Physios come forward with their opinions.
If you think you can contribute to cause, just like and share it.Hope to spread these words to all Physios!!!
Jai Hind!!!
We are together, we care together!!!!
Waqar Naqvi



Download the related documents issued by the Department of Health, U.K.


=>Dr. Jatin Choudhari got clean chit from crime branch:
Dr. Jatin Choudhari got clean chit from the clean chit from crime branch yesterday in night. As per the information at 1 am today. In the clean chit given by the Special Investigation Team - Crime Branch it is mentioned that all he degrees and diplomas including the AAIDU, Allahabad's BPT certificate has been verified and there is no criminal offence.
=> The Physiotherapists can write Dr. as prefix but they must suffix PT at the end of their name- LEGAL DOCUMENTS. Download the related documents
=> See the Tension and Physiotherapy Table which was patented by Splitman in 1928. Download the full detail
=> See the Physiotherapy Traction Table in 1949 invented by O.L.Hastings- A Historical Document  Download the full details
=> New Muscle stimulation method and system to improve walking invented Download the concerned document
=> Self administered chest physiotherapy system invented and Alan Lee Starner got its' patent. Download the concerned document
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=> See the WHO's International classification of health workers which is largely based on the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO): Download the concerned document