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User Stories


A user (let’s say Anna) follows a link over Twitter (or FB, or any web page) to a crowdmap she want to use (just setup for the floods in her area). Anna has some connectivity now: clicking on the link opens the web form for reporting in her smartphone (or laptop or tablet). She can now go wherever she needs to: travel, walk, drive in the area and create reports. Any time she has come connectivity the reports are sent. When connectivity is not available reports are kept in a queue (same as in current mobile apps). GPS, if available on the phone, can be used.


A) Anna creates a report, she has some connectivity, she wants to send immediately her reports.

B) Anna has several reports ready to be sent, but only part of them make it through, due to unreliable connectivity.

C) ...


a) Anna has just opened the form, but is unsure if the application has been "installed" or not. Is it there and working?

b) ...