Wiki-Web help

Welcome!  What makes Wiki-Web so exciting is that it allows us to invite you to be a part of the change. 

First, you have to be a member to edit pages.  Send an email to Margaret Riel to join. 
Second, you have to sign-in and the option can be hard to see at the bottom of the page--once you are signed in, the option to edit (and other options) are available on the top right.

Then, Changing the page is easy.  Use the  "edit  page" tab at the top left to add content, and finish with the  "save" option at the top of the page  and you have added  content. If you see a better way to get an idea across or a better idea that you want to share you are our guests.

You can get a overview of google sites by watching the video on the right.  If you have watched this, and still have questions, send them to 

In Google space there are  five different kinds of pages:

YouTube Video on Google Sites

1) Web pages - text, graphics, links and such
2) Dashboard- place to add things like calendars and other things
3) Announcements - to keep positing things
4) File Cabinet -- storing files (but the content of files can also can be copied to the page.)
4) List- a database of information

Google Sites is integrated with other Google products, so we can insert videos, docs, spreadsheets, presentations, photo slide shows, and calendars directly onto Google Sites pages. Or connect other google sites.

The power of a wikiweb is that everyone builds it.  Everyone takes responsibility for adding content.   So watch the videos and  think about how you can build out these ideas.

Margaret Riel

SANDBOX for you to try out things.....

(Feel free to play with this page...  )

1) Click on" Edit this page"  and complete this thought:  The value of wikiweb is....
               The value of a wikiweb is

2) Leave a new line for someone else to finish

3) Delete this line
       wikiwebs are indestructible -- you can delete me but I am still there as all pages are saved

4) Add a line for someone else to delete:

--Push Save and see how easy it is to post content on the wikiweb. --