UBOD Learning Circle

United Beyond Our Diversity Learning Circle

United Beyond Our Diversity is an online collaborative project proposed by iEARN Lebanon after March 14, 2005 to respond to the strong aspiration of Lebanese Youth and Teachers to work on the theme of "Unity".  This link will take you an overview of project  and to our wiki for organizing learning circles 

The Project Direction

The project was set after many focus groups were held with teachers and youth, mainly in Saida and Beirut, with assistance of Ms. Celine Righi, the French social volunteer from Lyon who came to Lebanon in May 2005.

The Project Evolution

The project evolved to be international with the "No to the European Constitution". It also attracted international youth and teachers' participants, who related strongly to the theme, at the Third BRIDGE Regional Conference in Beirut, July 8 - 13, 2005.

The Project Components

  1. Three Online Learning Circles in Arabic, French and English
  2. Production of three Murals
  3. Participation at iEARN International Teachers Conference and Youth Summit in the Netherlands
  4. Participation in the "United Beyond our Diversity" Symposium in Lebanon in September

One-day face-to-face Workshop

For 18 Lebanese classes a one-day workshop will be held in Beirut for a representative of each participating classes to give them an overview of the program and a detailed explanation of the process and expectations during the online work.

Online Learning Circles in Arabic, French and English

After a period of online orientation, twelve classes will work online in a web environment for an approximate period of 12 weeks in three online learning circles. Out of the total number of 36 classes, 18 classes will be Lebanese, 6 in each circle representing Lebanon's diversity; and 18 will be Arab, European and International. Each circle will produce a collaborative Art Mural. Half of each "Art Mural" will be completed in Beirut and the second part will be completed by youth in the Netherlands at the Thirteenth International iEARN Teachers' Conference and Youth Summit.

What are Online Learning Circles?

Learning circles are temporarily learning environments that group an average of 12 classes in highly interactive online collaboration for an approximate period of 12 weeks. Every participating class sponsors a project idea and presents it to the other members of the circle. The learning circle participants research and answer every project proposed in the circle. This is followed by discussions amongst participants which culminate with participants compiling and analyzing responses received and producing a final online / hardcopy publication. In this way an information learning line is woven into cross-curricular learning.

Art Mural

Students meet during Face-to-Face gatherings and produce the Lebanese section of the Art Mural in Beirut. The outcome of each circle will be publications and presentations by participating classes as well as the design and creation of three Art Murals, one per circle. The focal issue in the production of the Mural is the combined effort of youth who planned their collaboration online and then gather from various regions in Beirut to produce it.

iEARN International Conference

A Lebanese representative as well an Arab, European and International participant from each of the 3 languages learning circles will travel to the Netherlands to complete the Art Mural and present their publications and presentations at the iEARN International Teachers Conference and Youth Summit in the Netherlands.


All participating classes will convene, at the Teachers and Youth Symposium in Lebanon in September, to present their final thoughts on Unity, share what they have learnt, and display the final Art Mural.

Project Outcomes

  • 3 Collaborative Art Murals
  • Essays, surveys and analysis
  • Presentations & publications
  • National TV Coverage (Murals in process and at the Symposium)
  • A Unity Symposium

Project Dates

  • Deadline for application local and international: February 10, 2006
  • Launching of the program in Beirut: February 14
  • Online Learning Circles: February 13 - May 5, 2006
  • iEARN International Teachers' Conference and Youth Summit: July 3 - 7, 2006, Netherlands
  • iEARN Lebanon "United Beyond Our Diversity" Symposium: September 2006
The project is managed by IEA in collaboration with iEARN Lebanon, Kennisnet and ICT&E , Bob Hofman, the Netherlands, Ms. Celine Righi from France

Training sessions & coordination

  • Overall project coordination:
    IEA, Eliane Metni
  • Coordination English Learning Circle:
    ICT&E, Bob Hofman
  • Coordination French Learning Circle:
    Nahed Naamani
  • Coordination Arabic Learning Circle:
    Heba Diarbi