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* Teachers' Learning Circles

The International and Education Resource Network (IEARN) provides  professional development learning circles to help teachers new to learning circles understand how this process operates in school settings. 

Learning Circles Professional Development Online Course

Using the six phases of a Learning Circle integrate a collaborative project into your classroom

iEARN equips educators to help students understand how historical and geographic conditions interact to shape their lives. The sharing and exchange of information gives children a deeper understanding of themselves, their family, their community, and their world. Recent events around the world, have shown that we have plenty of reason to teach our children how to get along better by emphasizing similarities, not differences!

Learning Circles are about communicating and sharing information. In this online course, you will be guided through the six phases of a Learning Circle. Assignments will correspond to the work you would normally do during a Learning Circle experience.

Most of the work and assignments during this course and a Learning circle are student centered. As part of this course you and your students will

  • Join a small group (a Circle), share cultural information,
  • Choose a collaborative project in which to participate.
  • Develop this topic with your students and make plans to research and share student work via the Internet.
  • Develop ways to teach your students to gather and organize information for publication in print and on the Internet.
  • Solicit information for your project from other schools in your circle
  • Edit and publish a final publication featuring student work

Learning Circles Course Publications

Below are links to Finished Project Pages that feature the work that was accomplished by teachers during the iEARN Learning Circles Professional Development courses.

Learning Circles Course:

February - April 2009 LC Course Finished Project Page
September - December 2007 LC Course Finished Project Page
February - April 2007 LC Course Finished Project Page
September - December 2006 LC Course Finished Project Page
February - April 2006 LC Course Finished Project Page