Closing the Circle

The closing date of the Learning Circle should be listed in the time line.  Circle members may need to be reminded of the timetable and the ending date. It is nice to plan for the end so that circle partners have a chance to say good-bye as the work is completed.  When people worked closely together to accomplish a task, it is natural for them to  feel some sadness when the work is done and the group disbands.  It is important the circle members reflect on the experience and share their closing thoughts with their partners.  Some circle members have composed short poems to express their feelings. Others  exchange addresses for summer visits or future correspondence.

Charting the Future

Learning Circles are designed by participate in  them. Please feel free to describe your experience or offer any suggestions, comments, or ideas. We are eager to hear ideas and any discussion about the learning circle model.  Feel free to add comments.  You will need to be a member to add comments.